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Hook-Gage Modelo 1420 - 1425
Padrão Primário de Alta Precisão para Laboratórios de Calibração com Exatidão de ± 0.001".


For Ultra Precise Laboratory And Commercial Applications

Dwyer Hook Gages are noted for their extreme readable accuracy in measuring low pressures and vacuum. They are particularly suited for high precision industrial test work and for use in scientific laboratories. Fan manufacturers find Dwyer Hood Gages indispensable in checking instruments for measuring air flow. Oil burner manufacturers can make exact laboratory draft tests. They also provide the standard against which other instruments can be calibrated.

Simplified action is the secret of the Dwyer Hook Gage. The only moving parts are two stainless steel hooks controlled by standard depth micrometers. Passing through the leakproof stuffing box at the base, each hook shows a slight "dimple" at the point of contact with the fluid. After leveling the gage and zero-setting the hooks, pressure is applied and the resulting vertical movement of the water is read directly from the micrometers, the sum of the two being the pressure. A skilled operator can locate one hook relative to the other within ±.001" of pressure.

No. 1420 Hook Gage With 0-2" Full Scale Range

Model No. 1420 Hook Gage is the ideal low cost instrument for critical low range pressure and vacuum measurements. Full scale range is 0-2" of water. 2 ½" diameter water columns reduce the effect of capillary attraction to a minimum. Level vial has sensitivity of 115-125 seconds for 2mm of bubble movement. The two depth micrometers comply with Federal specifications GGG-C-105C and are traceable to a master at the NIST. Height: 11 ½" max., width: 97/8".

Model No.
0-2 in. w.c.
0-50 mm w.c.
Furnished complete with mounting panel, ¾ oz. bottle of fluorescein green color concentrate and wetting agent, and one set of type "a" connectors listed at the right unless other connection option is specified. For illustrations of connections, see Figs. 7-4 to 7-7, Page 25P.


Type a.
Two rapid shutoff type, molded nylon tubing connections, two 3-ft. lengths flexible Tygon plastic tubing, and two 1/8" pipe thread adapters.
Type b.
Two rapid shutoff type, molded nylon tubing connectors, on 9-ft. length rubber tubing and one brass terminal tube.
Type c.
Two 1/8" pipe thread openings.
Type d.
Two compression fittings for ¼" O.D. copper or aluminum tubing.
Type e.
3-21y vent valve, 1/8" S.P.T. to ¼" metal tubing, at additional cost.

No. 1425 Hook Gages With 0-12" And 0-24" Full Scale Ranges

Model No. 1425 Hook Gage provides a reliable and extremely accurate standard against which other instruments can be checked or calibrated. Its range and accuracy also make it a valuable laboratory instrument for maximum precision industrial test work.

No. 1425 is available in two models.

No. 1425-12 Hook Gage has a full scale range 0-12" water, .001" divisions.

No. 1425-24 Hook Gage has a full scale range of 0-24" water, .001 divisions.

Both models have permanent ±.001" accuracy. Accuracy is assured because there are no hidden tubes to trap air bubbles, no long lead screws with the possibility of cumulative errors.

The depth micrometer and end measuring rods comply wit Federal specifications GGG-D-105C and are traceable to a master at the NIST. Height of No. 1425-12: 25 5/8"; hieght of 1425-24: 35 5/8".

Furnished with ¾ oz. bottle fluorescein green color concentrate, 2 level vials, dust cover, full set of 2-inch interval end measuring rods with protective case. Rod ends are spherical to eliminate misalignment errors. Also included is one pair of type "a" connectors. See connection options for Model No. 1420 above for description of type "a" connectors and alternates available.

Model No.
0-12 in. w.c.
0-24 in. w.c.
0-325 mm w.c.
0-625 mm w.c.

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